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Swim Open Stockholm, Stockholm

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Welcome to IC Control LiveTiming. Here you're able to follow swimming competition live in front of your computer. Go to LIVE to folow the scoreboard in realtime. There you will be able to see all splittimes and other information during the race only 1-2 seconed after each turn or finish.

After an event has been finished, you can go and check the official results from the event.

This site also includes an archive where you can find old competitions that have been used with LiveTiming in the past and also upcoming competitions here on IC Control LiveTiming.

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Swim Open Stockholm

Other ongoing competitions:

KM 2019 Bålsta

Bålsta Simklubb bjuder in till öppna KM 2019

Åkeshov invitational

Välkommen till Åkeshov invitational som bjuder på fullt program i 3 pass

Puurovinstat (seurakilpailut)

ImageSeurakisat ja joulupuuro jäsenistölle


ImageEn tävling helt i Tomtens tecken! HoHo!!!

VUS Games

ImageTervetuloa Vaasaan!
Välkommen till Vaasa!

LRM & NLRM 2019

Lyhyen radan Suomenmestaruusuinnit 2019


Tervetuloa Raision Joulu-uinteihin!

Kisaamaan on tulossa ennätysmäärä uimareita, luvassa noin 1600 starttia.
Tämän vuoksi kisojen alkua siirretään tunnilla aikaisemmaksi. Kisat alkavat jo 10.00

Prima Timber uinnit 2019

ImageTervetuloa Joensuuhun

Ronneby Cup 2019

ImageRonneby Cup Lördag 7 December

Team Race Meet 2019 TYR

ImageEn rolig sprint- och lagtävling med fina priser

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