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Results for Cetus GP Pitkät 800vu/1500vu

Below are all results from the competition shown by session.

Time Trial

Cetus GP Pitkät 800vu/1500vu
Place: Organizer: Cetus
Pool: 50m Competition Date: May 28, 2023 to May 28, 2023
Event 4, 50m Butterfly Women - Final
Rank Name Born Team R.T. FINA Time Diff
1 Laura Mäki 1997 Cetus Espoo 28.05
2 Jutta Jauhiainen 2004 Cetus Espoo 30.68 +2.63
Event official at: 5/28/2023 5:07:04 PM
2023-05-28 17:07:08 Datahandling: WinGrodan 2.9 Licensed to: Cetus Espoo

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